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I started my Yoga Teacher Training in 2014 through the Healing Alchemy course at Ayurveda Yoga Academy in Daegu, South Korea.  It is a 7 month program designed to help students dive deeper into the world of yoga and healing arts.  Taking classic texts and principles we study the meaning of yoga, the way to practice yoga, and the way to take these classic concepts and apply them to our modern lives.

After I graduated from the course in 2015 I applied for the Continuing Education course and began teaching group classes at the studio under the guidance and support of my teachers.  I continued teaching classes there until June 2021!  For the past 6 years I have repeatedly participated in the Continuing Education course to keep deepening my understanding of myself, my happiness and how to keep using yoga in my daily life.

Ayurveda Yoga w/ Amie Bier

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