After researching the benefits of CBD, exploring a variety of different brands, and continuously taking it to see the effects for myself - I have found the brand that works!


What I have noticed since taking American Shaman CBD is that...

- I sleep more soundly and wake up refreshed.

- I have experienced a greater sense of well being after an episode of depression following a difficult life event.

- I am having more movement in my spine due to less inflammation. 

- My substance cravings have significantly reduced.

What is unique about this brand is that they offer a water soluble product that is 10 times more bio-available so it is absorbed by the body and none is wasted. Below is some information on the science of CBD, the benefits, and why this product is effective.

What is CBD?

Water Soluble vs. Tincture


Breathe now carries their two best selling products which are available to sample. 

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Water Soluble, Full Spectrum Hemp Oil (30mL) - $59.99

MADE IN USA: 100% Organic and Terpene Rich! Now, you can drink our

Ultra Concentrated Terpene Rich Hemp Oil Supplement. This fast acting

delivery system is up to 10 times more bioavailable than oil. This may be

added to any drink and there are four flavors to choose from.

VG Cloud Tincture - CBD & Terpene Rich Hemp Oil (15mL) - $34.99

MADE IN USA: This is a dietary supplement tincture — usually taken orally,

under the tongue. Uncomplicated and convenient, this tincture supplements

your diet with CBD (cannabidiol). We recommend researching the internet

to become aware of the benefits of CBD for yourself. This tincture may also

be added to food and to other liquids, as well as, under your tongue.

For a complete selection of American Shaman products, you can order directly from their site using this link: 

CBD American Shaman