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Thai Yoga

Thai Bodywork is a healing modality developed thousands of years ago in Thailand. It is considered the daughter science of yoga.

Thai Bodywork is practiced on a mat on the floor with the client fully clothed to protect privacy while being moved and stretched. It combines heavy compression, traction, assisted stretching, breath work, and intention. It is completely passive for the receiver and said to be like 'having yoga done to you' with the added bonus of massage. It differs from traditional table massage in that it involves movement of the legs, hips, and shoulders. It is profoundly beneficial for energetic balance, joint health, flexibility, pain relief, circulation, as well as calming the mind and spirit.

Clients express to me that they find the massage very relaxing and energizing at the same time. I have also been told that it is much more 'powerful' than table massage and that, 'it is like being put back together again.'


Sessions are typically 90 minutes to complete a full body routine and offer specific work where you need it most.

After our first appointment, sessions may be shorter or longer depending on your needs and my recommendation. I may suggest and incorporate other modalities which will be discussed following our first meeting. 


Here's a video of Kristin demonstrating some leg stretches in Thai Massage:
















What To Expect When You Come in for Thai Bodywork


What To Wear: It is important that I can move your body around with your privacy protected.

Wear work out or yoga clothes with arms and legs covered.

Come Prepared: Do not eat at least two hours prior to your massage. To receive the most out of your massage,

care for your body prior to and after our session. Eat healthy, rest well, and stay hydrated.

Getting Started: I will have you complete a standard intake form to gather information on your health

history so we can have a productive session. I consider physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual

health in how I work. Share only what you're comfortable with, your privacy is very important to me.

Throughout The Session: You will gain the most benefit from our session the more you allow yourself

to relax and receive. Unless there is discomfort, or you would like more or less pressure,

please remain quiet and focus on your breathing and receiving.

After The Session: Your feedback can be very helpful in tailoring future sessions. This is the time to let me

know if there was anything you found particularly enjoyable, beneficial, or if you have any questions.

Be sure to drink plenty of water and follow up if questions arise after you leave your session.


60 Minutes - $75

90 Minutes - $100

*Add a Sauna Session after your massage for just $20.


Cash, Check, or CC Accepted at time of service.

To Schedule:

Appointment availability Tuesday-Saturday.

To schedule, please email 


24 Hour Cancellation Policy:

Please provide 24 hour notice to cancel or reschedule.

Except in the case of emergency, same day cancellations

will be charged in full.