8 Tips to Help You Receive the Most Out of Massage

Let's be real - massage is kind of expensive. I completely understand the reluctance to spend $50-$100 in a single hour, especially in these truly tough times. It's easy to think of other things to spend that money on but in further contemplation, you may realize like I did, that there's no better investment than your physical and mental health. I also hope that by keeping my rates low, I can serve a diverse population and help those in need.

When I began receiving regular massage about ten years ago, I did so because of how much I worked my body in other activities. It quickly became an easy decision for me to reserve some cash for my massage fund over other expenses. Over the years, I have learned ways to maximize the massage experience through self care. My first blog is in the interest of helping you do the same and maybe even think of these tips as daily, in-between-massage maintenance.

Before your appointment...

1) Drink a lot of water. Before and after your massage. This may seem obvious, though so many of us 'know we should drink more water than we do.' Right?? This is so much more true when receiving massage or any type of bodywork. The over-simplified reason you may have heard is that during massage, toxins are released and the water helps 'flush them out.' This is sort of true but the body works in much more complicated and mysterious ways. The bottom line is, all systems of the body rely on fluids for healthy movement. Hydration both helps good things come in, and bad things go out. Stay hydrated, inside and out!

2) Avoid alcohol. The day before and of your appointment. I made this mistake after my first professional massage. I thought it wouldn't hurt to have just one drink and the next morning I felt like I got hit by a truck! This may be an extreme reaction but that just proves the importance of tip #1. Further, use your massage experience to contemplate the effects of everything you put in your body. If you're sincerely trying to help your body heal itself, what other adjustments can you make to keep a clean, healthy body? (think caffeine, sugar, organic, etc.)


3) Carve out the time. If you can (and you probably can) make your massage day a dedicated your name here day. Schedule your massage after your daily obligations or better yet, on a day you don't have to work, run a bunch of errands, or otherwise stress about things to do. Instead, try pairing your massage with a work-out, date night, or yoga class. The more relaxed and present you are, the more you can revel in the enjoyment of the experience and fully absorb it. Everyone has 24 hours in the day to do with what they choose and your wellness is a worthy choice. Choose to make it a YOU day.

During your appointment...

4) Turn up you