Whole Wellness: Reasons and Ways to Address Your Health and Longevity

The other day, I asked someone if they receive regular massage. Seems like a pretty normal question for a bodywork therapist, right? Well, afterwords, I realized that what I meant to say was, 'Do you have a massage therapist?'

See the difference? Someone who receives regular massage may visit various spas, support their friend's small business ;) or dabble to try different styles - and that's all great! (There's a but coming, can you tell?)

But...someone who 'has a massage therapist' has a person in their life that knows their health history, how to talk to them, and how to adapt the massage to their needs. A loyal massage or bodywork therapist knows what you like and don't like, can tell if you're in the mood for conversation, and can become easy to disclose important, but sensitive information to - because there's trust built through time and experience. I have developed this with many clients as well as my own massage therapist, and I am very grateful.

As I continue to expand my professional offerings, I think of your complete wellness. There's so much more to you than a body. Below are some reminders of the benefits of regular Thai massage, reasons to develop client/therapist relationship, and suggestions for addressing your wellness as a whole.


As you read, consider these 6 health references: (You may have a different list to refer to, great :))

- Exercise: Your personal practice of physical and mental fitness which include developing strength, flexibility, and balance

- Nutrition: Recognizing and adapting your eating habits to meet your personal needs and sensitivities

- Bodywork: Assisted support in making physical progress, or addressing physical conditions and pain

- Rest: How much and what kind of restoration does your mental and physical body need for integration?

- Relationships: Using your relationships as a reflection of how you treat yourself, your life, and how balanced and secure you feel

- Spirit: Practices that nourish your spirit - laughter, faith, prayer, volunteering, etc.