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Sound Baths
Sound Healing has become a popular way to experience relaxation and meditation. It offers very gentle stimulation of vibration and sound to help the body and mind to relax. For many people, it accelerates their ability to calm and receive the retreat like experience that meditation can provide.

I will guide you through a couple of restorative yoga positions so you can be comfortable to lie in stillness. I use quartz crystal singing bowls, chimes, and bells to create a soundscape for you to experience deep relaxation and vibration from the resonance of the bowls. I may also include guided meditation to trigger your awareness and strengthen your practice.
These sessions offer you an opportunity to restore mentally, physically, and energetically. You could choose to work with a specific intention, simply aim to restore your nervous system, or just see what happens!
These experiences are perfect for busy, stressful times, during recovery from injury or trauma, or to expand your practice of meditation. 
*Use the Classes dropdown on the Calendar and select Sound Bath to view current schedule.
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