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Elevated Bodywork Apprenticeship Program

Are you ready to embark on a journey of transformation, mastery, and holistic wellness? If you're a passionate and dedicated massage therapist, current student or recent graduate with a strong desire to elevate your skills and ignite your career, this is your opportunity to learn and thrive under the expert guidance of Kristin, a trailblazer in the world of bodywork and holistic healing.















Kristin's intention is clear: to share her unparalleled style of bodywork with individuals who resonate with her profound philosophies and approach to wellness. Over the last 10 years, Kristin has seamlessly woven her expertise in yoga, bodywork, and cutting-edge modalities into a tapestry of healing that empowers clients to transcend pain, rediscover mobility, and embrace a life of optimal energy. What once started as yoga classes and massage sessions has blossomed into a thriving community of yogis and a devoted clientele who trust Kristin implicitly. Her unique concepts and bodywork style are not just effective – they are revolutionary, both in practice and theory.


Apprenticeship Offering: Earn While You Learn!

Imagine spending 6 months in an immersive, one-on-one apprenticeship with Kristin herself, delving into a comprehensive curriculum that encompasses the art and science of Elevated Bodywork. All the while, working with clients to hone your skills and Earn while you Learn! Breathe offers very competitive compensation during your training to ensure your journey is financially sustainable and you are applying your new skills in real time with real clients.

You will gain mastery in:

🌿 Thai Massage technique and theory – Ancient wisdom for modern healing. 

🌿 Theories of touch – Elevate your touch to a realm of intuition and precision.


🌿 Assessing client needs – Discover the nuances of each individual and tailor your approach. 


🌿 Innovative modalities – Bamboo massage, fire and silicone cupping, Tuina techniques, and more. 


🌿 Holistic approach – Mind, body, and soul – the cornerstone of profound transformation. 


🌿 Body mechanics and sustainability – Learn how to preserve your own well-being while facilitating the healing others.


🌿 Client communication and boundaries – Cultivate rapport and set the stage for meaningful healing. 


🌿 Addressing conditions and body parts therapeutically – Be the catalyst to solving your clients' challenges. 


🌿 Session patterns and flow – Craft sessions that are as effective as they are blissful. 


🌿 Client education and self-care – Empower your clients to extend their healing beyond your sessions.



Who We're Seeking: 

Our ideal apprentice is a recent graduate, current student, or someone with some prior massage experience.


You are:

  • Passionate about bodywork and holistic wellness – Your journey is driven by a profound purpose. 

  • Possesses a strong work ethic – You're committed to giving your all to this transformative journey. 

  • Physically fit and agile – Your body is a vessel of healing energy, ready to flow effortlessly. 

  • Eager to expand your skill set – The hunger to learn and grow sets you apart. 

  •  Mature, grounded, and friendly – Your presence exudes warmth and professionalism. 

  • Client-centered and service-oriented – Making a positive impact is at the heart of what you do.


Your Future Unveiled: 

Upon completing this life-altering apprenticeship, you won't just be equipped with advanced bodywork techniques and business skills – you'll also have the unique opportunity to continue working with real clients under Kristin's expert guidance. Say goodbye to the daunting overhead of launching your own practice – instead, focus on building your skills, clientele, and income in a nurturing environment. As your confidence soars, you'll have a choice: continue the rewarding partnership with Kristin or venture out on your own, armed with the tools and wisdom you've acquired.


Bonuses Await!

  • Hands-On Experience: Work directly with clients and build your practice under Kristin's mentorship. 


  • Business Insights: Learn the ropes of the bodywork industry and gain a competitive edge. 


  • Potential Partnership: The journey doesn't have to end – a continued partnership might be your next step.


The Path to Your Full Potential Begins Now! 

Are you ready to claim your destiny as a revered bodywork professional, transforming lives and embracing a fulfilling career? Seize this opportunity to learn, thrive, and create a lasting impact.

Contact Kristin to schedule a call and learn more including next steps by filling out the form below.



Words From Clients:

"Kristin understands the value of paying attention to her clients unique needs. I've received a number of massages over my lifetime, but those I have received from Kristin have been by far the most beneficial. Her customized approach snd skilled technique keep me coming back. I have experienced a significant reduction in headaches and muscle tension after receiving regular massages with her and now consider my monthly appointments to be essential to my health and well-being."

-Jennifer P.

"I have been getting traditional massages for over 10 years. They are good, but what you do is like a whole-body experience. Your massage actually gets into the joints and gets them relaxed and moving again. I have gained so much mobility in my shoulders it's incredible. I really appreciate you and how well you do it!"

-Paula W.


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