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Working With Kristin

Experience transformative healing with me through Elevated Bodywork and Therapeutic Yoga. As a passionate advocate for providing space and support in moments of pain and growth, I guide clients with compassion and non-judgment.


Elevated Bodywork combines powerful pressure, subtle energy movement, and present moment awareness for full body-mind-soul relief.

Therapeutic Yoga offers mindful guidance through somatic and yoga exercises including breath work, asana, and meditation to promote inner resourcing, self awareness, self connection, and emotional processing. 


I also offer continuing education for yoga instructors and bodywork therapists to elevate their practice both personally and professionally.


My journey began at 14, using yoga to navigate life's challenges without competition. Living and studying at the Mount Madonna Center refined my approach to living and working. In Portland and California, I deepened my expertise in yoga, Thai Bodywork, and entrepreneurship.


With over a decade of personal growth, including motherhood and overcoming postpartum challenges during the pandemic, I bring a wealth of insight to my practice. Together, we will embark on a journey of self discovery, laughter, and profound healing.

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About Me

Kristin is a Janesville, Wisconsin native, Pacific Northwest transplant, truth seeker, mystic, body mover, thought provoker, laugh maker, a blue collar hippie.

She's tirelessly curious about what it means to be a spirit having a human experience and mastering the dance of enjoying the hell out of life while trying to avoid stepping on bugs. 

Her childhood taught her how to overcome adversity and her adult years are teaching her how to share her gifts. 

With the help of teachers, mentors, coaches, friends, joys, and triggers, Kristin turns every experience into a learning one by asking the big, deep questions.

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