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Yoga and Wellness Classes and Workshops

Breathe classes and workshops are offered by Kristin from her years of education and experience in yoga, bodywork, and her own personal journey of healing and self discovery.

Kristin is going through a personal, professional, and spiritual growth spurt right now so offerings are few but rich, unique, and extremely well informed.

Read about each offering below and scroll down to view the calendar for registration.

5 Week Self Discovery through Yoga Philosophy
Have you tried to find meaning in philosophies and beliefs but keep ending up at the same place? Are you wondering why you continue singing the same sad tune or getting wound up just to be let down? Are you simply interested in being around some woke people and talking some real shit?
This is not for the faint of heart or the weak willed.
This is Now or Never, Breathe or Die.

I'm looking for the right group of 4-6 people to embark on a journey together where we get down to the real business, let it hang out, and hold each other accountable.
I will lead the way. You just need to commit yourself to showing up and taking off the mask.

$225/Person - 5 Weeks, 2 Hour Meetings + Perks
Email me if you're intrigued -
Monthly Sound Bath and Bodywork - 90 Minutes
This very special one-of-a-kind collaboration is designed to create a state of deep relaxation - body, mind, and soul. 
In the 90 minute session, you will practice yin yoga, guided meditation, and receive a restorative sound bath and hands on bodywork for an ultimate experience of grounding and surrender. Kristin and Kesa are combining their strengths to maximize the effects of yoga, meditation, sound healing, and bodywork.
No Experience Necessary - $45/Person
Monthly Sadhana Satsang - 90 Minutes

In Sanskrit, Sadhana means Spiritual Practice and Satsang means gathering in truth or community.

In this 90 minute gathering, we practice a few sun salutations followed by breathing practices, learn and discuss philosophy, and end with a guided meditation.

This class is for people interested in diving deeper into lesser practiced aspects of yoga and connecting it to your experience of life. It will continue as a monthly offering.

No Experience Necessary - $18/Person
*Included for those actively enrolled in Yang/Yin Series
Cupping for Self Care - 3 CEU Hours
Cupping has become a very popular massage modality for very good reason. It is an effective and powerful tool for fascia, where most chronic tension lies. Kristin is highly experienced in offering this modality and will teach you to use it on yourself for pain and tension relief, as well as increasing range of motion.
If you are a massage therapist, get a head start on learning to provide cupping in your sessions as well as relieve your own aches.
Kristin will expertly guide you to use a combination of cupping, stretching, and breath work to address yours and your clients needs and common complaints.
No Experience Necessary - $100/Person - Includes Cupping Set and 3 CEUs
Self Massage Workshop - 2 Hours
Self Treatment may be the missing link to your physical and mental wellbeing. In this 2 hour workshop, you will learn to use Kristin's signature massage ball tools along with other yoga props - bolsters, blankets, blocks, and straps - to address common areas of tension and discomfort. We will address posture, low back pain, hip tension, and shoulders.
The provided worksheet will help you reference what you learned to continue your practice at home.
This workshop is truly perfect for anyone looking to get in depth guidance for self treatment.
I will also share lots of additional tools and tricks that may be useful for a home self-care practice.
No Experience Necessary - $40/Person
Partner Thai Yoga Massage - 2 Hours
Thai Yoga Massage is traditionally used within the home to help friends and family members experience relief from tension, pain, and discomfort as well as share the comforting and healing power of touch. In these 2 hour workshops, you and your partner will learn some basic but effective techniques to share with each other anytime. 
Your partner could be a spouse, friend, child, etc. If you would like to attend without a partner, I may be able arrange a partner for you.
No experience is necessary - $60/Couple or $35/Single
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