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We offer a variety of Yoga classes from Beginner to Intermediate/Advanced and feature Barre Flow on the weekly schedule. We aim to be inclusive of all levels and abilities. Use the calendar below to read class descriptions and see what best suits you. Please manage your reservations using this software. It will notify you of any cancellations, upcoming reservations, or other changes to the schedule for your convenience. You can change your reservation up to one hour before class time.
**In response to the current crisis of the Coronavirus spread, Breathe is temporarily not offering in person yoga classes, massage therapy, or sauna appointments.
Letter from Kristin:

Dear Community,

Throughout the years, I have been asked many times if I would create digital content for students to practice along with at home. Although it doesn't provide the same experience as the peaceful environment of the studio, it does offer convenience, privacy, and help with transitioning to sleep. With everything it takes to run a wellness center, time has not allowed for this... until now.

This online launch is a response to a sincere desire I have to maintain the connection, service, well being, and some sense of normalcy that the studio provides to so many people. I am genuinely concerned for my own mental health and the mental and spiritual health of those who seek respite and physical fitness through the studio. As with so many others, this urgent decision to distance and isolate puts a great strain on the financial security of my small brick and mortar business. You are probably aware that I am also about to bring a baby into the world (due April 25th) which adds elements of deeper uncertainty, protectiveness, all mixed with profound hope. 


Your continued support in a business that aims to provide the best of natural wellness is greatly appreciated in this time. For existing and new members, I am creating access to online content that will be available at your convenience on theMembers Pageon the website. This is a great way for you to begin, maintain, or focus more intently on your yoga practice and help Breathe get through this financially difficult time. I will work diligently to create a smooth online experience, improve tech quality, and provide fresh and personal content. Another way to support Breathe is to purchase classes passes for yourself or a loved one. It would make a great gift to them, you, and me. Simply make a purchase from the software below and email me to let me know who it's for -

And most importantly, remember the temporal nature of everything. This is an odd and uncertain time which is difficult but we have trained to get through difficult times. Remember to be kind, that we're all connected, and stay awake, people.


Kristin *Manjula*

Introducing: Breathe Online!
I am very excited to have found an easy to use online platform that allows us to meet virtually and share the same great practices (well, not quite the same) throughout these days of distance.
How it works:
Space: Create a home practice space 'away from it all.' Try to eliminate visual and auditory distractions. You'll want a yoga mat and the following props if you have them: For Yoga - blocks (books will work), strap (scarf, belt, small blanket will work). For Barre - A chair for balance, 1-3 pound weights (soup cans are perfect), ball (a throw pillow is just fine). Set your computer up on a chair for easy viewing from seated or standing. Plan to set a timer for bringing yourself out of savasana or meditation after practice. If you have a child that's always wanted to join your yoga class or a reluctant spouse, invite them!
Software: Download Zoom on your computer and set up Spotify to play your own playlist or choose one of ours from the Playlist Page. Using a different device will allow you to control volume separate from Zoom.
Sign Up: Continue using the calendar below to create your reservations. You will be emailed a link about 10 minutes prior to class start. The instructor will begin the zoom session 10-15 minutes prior to class start. Use this time to get the software going and check out the chat feature. You may turn on your audio and/or video or may use chat to connect with one another, ask questions, and provide any feedback or updates on how you're doing. 
Schedule: The current schedule includes Tara, Teryn, Lin, and Jen offering a variety of classes with consideration to Kristin's maternity leave. You can count on consistent weekly classes with these four online or in person through June.
Cost: An active pass is required to book classes to allows for quick and easy attendance.
I have created discounted passes and membership to make this resource more available to people.
Online Membership includes access to the Members Only web page with videos and audio you can access at your leisure in addition to unlimited live classes.
Purchase Passes.
*If you have technical difficulties or financial hardship, please reach out to Kristin to discuss -
Yoga Studio Etiquette
Please Read Fully
- If it's your first class, please arrive 10-15 minutes early to sign a waiver, meet the instructor, and settle in. Breathe's doors open no less than 15 minutes prior to class - you are welcome to come early to meditate, have tea, read, or socialize peacefully.
- Classes begin on time and the door is locked when class starts. If you arrive late, you have missed your opportunity to practice. This is to respect the space and short time we have together. Consider 5 minutes early to be on time.
- Wear clothes comfortable for moving in that offer modesty and won't cause distraction. Please bring a towel if you tend to sweat or wear make-up to protect the props.
- No shoes are to be worn on the wood floor. Please leave them near the door to keep our space clean.
- Breathe is an electronic free space. This includes phones, tablets, smart watches, computers, cameras. Please silence your cell phone or leave it in the car. Let this be a time for you to unplug!
*If your circumstances require you to have your phone (on call nurse, sick kid, etc.), please let the instructor know and set your mat up near the door in case you need to leave for a phone call.
- We have yoga mats to borrow and for sale. If you use a studio mat, please clean it after with the provided spray and place it neatly back in the basket. All other props are provided for your use. Please treat them with care and return them neatly.
- Sharing is caring, except in the case of illness. If you are recovering from a contagious cold or flu, please stay home. Practicing yoga can aggravate the symptoms of the sickness, spread the virus, and besides - rest is the best. 
- As a general guideline - Yoga is practiced quietly to respect the peaceful and personal nature of the practice for yourself and others. Please arrive, set up, and behave in a way that considers the effect you have on those around you. 

**Music - The music played in class is typically pleasing background, instrumental music intended to gently enhance the experience without distraction. Upbeat, contemporary music may inspire more active classes.

**Temperature - Breathe is NOT a heated studio. The space is kept at a comfortable and cozy 72-74 degrees depending on the class and season.

Yoga is a practice of sustainable growth where there is a place for every individual. If you are unsure what classes are a good fit for you, please contact Kristin with any questions or to discuss your goals.

You may email: Call: (608) 359-4449 to discuss or schedule a time to stop in to talk in person.

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