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Yang / Yin 5 Week Yoga Series

Yoga has proven to have a significant lasting impact on the Body, Mind, and Soul. Though much of what is taught in modern classes is physical fitness, there is much more to yoga that creates a true life enhancing practice.


This series is a 5 week commitment that will guide you to dive deeper into your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. You will meet with the same group each week and practice challenging physical exercise, yin yoga, breath work, and meditation. Kristin will incorporate yoga philosophy, sound healing, and guided relaxation to enhance the experience. Physical hands on assists are offered, if you choose, to provide a massage like experience in yin and restorative poses.

This series is a unique opportunity to learn the breadth of yoga while deepening your understanding of yourself.

**Classes will be held at 415 W. Milwaukee St. in Downtown Janesville, WI

Investment: $150

No Experience Necessary

Pre-registration required
No refunds or rollovers for missed classes.

Next Series Begins Tuesday, September 26th

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