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What Kristin's Clients Are Saying...

"Kristin’s massage technique is by far the most therapeutic bodywork I have ever received! After my massages I feel more flexible and have a lot less tightness in my trouble areas. The bodywork she does is long lasting and keeps me going for weeks. She truly is one of a kind and so amazing!!"


"Kristin understands the value of paying attention to her clients unique needs. I've received a number of massages over my lifetime, but those I have received from Kristin have been by far the most beneficial. Her customized approach snd skilled technique keep me coming back. I have experienced a significant reduction in headaches and muscle tension after receiving regular massages with her and now consider my monthly appointments to be essential to my health and well-being."

-Jennifer P.

"Kristin's bodywork is unique because it helps your muscles move again as she moves the joint while working it. After my sessions, I feel the best I have felt in years -my arthritis and sore body can move again. I've had a lot of massages but Kristin's bodywork is superior - I don’t leave sore and hurting - I leave feeling invigorated. In addition to bodywork, she also provides perspective of how I can help my body between sessions."



"I've had a lot of massages but Kristin's bodywork is thorough, unique, individualized, and effective. She is unique because she uses such an array of different techniques and creates a personalized care plan just for you. She's always searching for and working towards how to grow even more to serve her clients.

After my sessions, I always feel better and feel like she truly listened to my concerns. 

In addition to bodywork, Kristin also provides a calm presence, kind words and encouragement, and education. You can tell that this is her true passion. The relief she has given my body in places I never thought would loosen up again, to me, reflects just how great she is at what she does."



"I have been getting traditional massages for over 10 years. They are good, but what you do is like a whole-body experience. Your massage actually gets into the joints and gets them relaxed and moving again. I have gained so much mobility in my shoulders it's incredible. "


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