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Classes, Workshops, and Trainings w/ Kristin

I am able to offer the following classes and programs independently or within the context of a studio or wellness program.

I have created and presented each of these offerings to many students of all experience levels.

Some are able to provide CEUs through NCBTMB.

If you a yoga instructor, bodywork therapist, wellness enthusiast, or studio owner, I am excited to meet and explore how we can collaborate to have a powerful impact together.

Please email me to set up a time to discuss any interest for collaboration

Therapeutic Yoga
My style of Therapeutic Yoga incorporates breath work, gentle movement, fascia release, meditation, and theory with an emphasis on nervous system toning and balancing.

I began my own yoga practice as a way to find relief from childhood trauma, anxiety, depression, and pressures.
This experience of yoga captures the essence of self awareness, self connection, acceptance, and surrender.
Yoga Classes
I have over 3,000 hours of yoga teaching experience over the past ten years.
I have a very Breath and Awareness centered approach to the following styles:
Therapeutic Yoga
Vinyasa Flow
I can confidently teach a multi-level class with appropriate modifications and challenges.
Sound Bath and Bodywork
This very special combination is designed to create a state of deep relaxation - body, mind, and soul. 
In the 60-90 minute session, students will practice yin yoga, guided meditation, and receive hands on bodywork during a restorative sound bath for an ultimate experience of grounding and relaxation.
I can provide the bodywork, yoga and meditation instruction, and sound bath in collaboration with others in order to complement our strengths.
Cupping for Self Care - CEUs Available
Cupping has become a very popular massage modality for very good reason. It is an effective and powerful tool for releasing fascia, where most chronic tension lies. I is highly experienced in offering this modality and will teach you to use it on yourself for pain and tension relief, as well as increasing range of motion.
If you are a massage therapist, get a head start on learning to provide cupping in your sessions as well as relieve your own aches.
I will expertly guide you to use a combination of cupping, stretching, and breath work to address yours and your clients needs and common complaints.
Self Massage Workshop
Self Treatment may be the missing link to your physical and mental wellbeing. In this 2 hour workshop, I will teach you to use massage ball tools along with other yoga props - bolsters, blankets, blocks, and straps - to address common areas of tension and discomfort. We will address posture, low back pain, hip tension, and shoulders.
The provided worksheet will help you reference what you learned to continue your practice at home.
This workshop is truly perfect for anyone looking to get in depth guidance for self treatment.
I will also share lots of additional tools and tricks that may be useful for a home self-care practice.
Partner Thai Yoga Massage
Thai Yoga Massage is traditionally used within the home to help friends and family members experience relief from tension, pain, and discomfort as well as share the comforting and healing power of touch. In these workshops, you and your partner will learn some basic but effective techniques to share with each other anytime. 
Your partner could be a spouse, friend, child, etc. If you would like to attend without a partner, I may be able arrange a partner for you.

I am able to offer this experience as a group workshop or private event.
Thai Massage Training Course - CEUs Available
The powerful modality of Thai Massage is becoming increasingly popular in the west. Its profound ability to provide relief comes from the combination of compressions and stretching.
I am able to teach existing bodywork therapists and experienced movement practitioners a complete Thai Massage routine.
I share the philosophy and theory along with the dynamic techniques of massage and movement.
It's a truly beautiful and poetic practice that feels as good to give as to receive.
Apprenticeship Program
Over the last decade of studying, teaching, and practicing, I have developed a unique style of Elevated Bodywork that incorporates Thai Massage, TuiNa, Cupping, Bamboo, Heat, Breath Work, Sound Healing, and a Body, Mind, Soul approach.
I have combined the use of many of my skills to provide powerful, intuitive, even magical one on one sessions with clients.
I am able to pass along the rich philosophies and effective techniques that clients continue to return for in a unique apprenticeship program.
Contact me to discuss your interest and learn more.
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