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Mobile Bodywork with Kristin

What is Elevated Bodywork? 


Elevated Bodywork - Discover the Transformational Power of Body-Mind-Soul Healing

Welcome to Elevated Bodywork, where we believe in the power of effective, efficient, and enjoyable healing experiences. With over 10 years of professional practice in bodywork and yoga teaching, Kristin has crafted a unique approach to wellness that will leave you feeling renewed, revitalized, and ready to take on the world.

What Sets Us Apart?

At Breathe, we take pride in offering a diverse range of modalities, skills, and treatment protocols that ensure each session is tailored to your specific needs. Our approach blends traditional Asian techniques like Thai Massage, Tui Na, heat therapy, bamboo sticks, cupping, and acupressure to provide you with a holistic healing experience. There is an energetic approach that involves rhythm, patterns, and movement such as percussion, vibration, and rocking. Kristin's training in somatics for trauma recovery also informs her ability to make the very most of your session.

Experience the Healing Art of Traditional Thai Yoga Bodywork

Discover the ancient healing modality of Thai Bodywork, a transformative practice that combines yoga's principles with massage techniques. Feel the benefits of heavy compression, assisted stretching, breath work, and more, all while fully clothed for privacy and comfort.

Kristin's approach to Thai Bodywork is powerful yet nuanced and energetic, yet very physical.

Service Options

Ashland/Southern Oregon area currently available for Mobile Thai Bodywork.

Choose the session that suits your needs best, all modalities are included in the price.

60 Minute Session - $105

90 Minute Session - $150

120 Minute Session - $195

$20 Travel fee is charged for services less than $150 to a single location.

Travel radius includes Ashland, Medford, and between.

Sound Healing with Crystal Bowls

Experience the meditative power of sound healing to begin and end your session at no extra cost.

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