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Ayurveda Yoga's 1 to 1 Personal Training program is a unique way to experience yoga. Each session is specifically designed around the clients goals and needs through yoga. From the first consultation to the final session I work with you, around your schedule and tuned to your body condition.  Some goals we can work towards may include (but are not limited to):


Weight management

Posture correction

Strength building

Beginner/Advanced yoga postures


Deepening your current yoga practice

Breathing techniques

Stress relief

Making a lifestyle change

Most 1:1 Personal Training sessions are centered around Asana (yoga postures) and can be absolute beginner all the way to advanced.  I may also add in Pranayama (breathing techniques), yoga theory, Tarot Cards, Thai Yoga and more!

It all depends on the student.  Any level practitioner can experience Ayurveda Yoga's designer 1:1 Yoga P.T. program.  If you are curious about anything - ask me during your free consultation.

*Try 3 Sessions for $225 

If you choose to continue, apply the cost to the following:

10 sessions - $650

20 sessions - $1,240

30 sessions - $1,770

Call or Email to schedule a free consultation or book a session:

Call: 608-297-1189



Facebook page: Ayurveda Yoga with Amie

Instagram: ayurveda_yoga_us

Amie accepts cash, checks (made payable to Ayurveda Yoga)

and bank transfers.
Contact directly to discuss payment plans.


Yoga Personal Training

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