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Breathe Body, Mind, Soul

Kristin is a Janesville native, Pacific Northwest transplant, truth seeker, body mover, thought provoker, and laugh maker. A mystic at the core, when the answer doesn't reveal itself, she agrees to let the mystery live.

She's tirelessly curious about what it means to be a spirit having a human experience and what it looks like to enjoy the hell out of life while trying to avoid stepping on bugs. 

Her childhood taught her how to overcome adversity and her adult years are teaching her how to share her gifts. 

With the help of teachers, mentors, coaches, friends, and even the people she doesn't really like very much, Kristin turns every experience into a learning one by asking the big, deep questions:

How do I want to be? How do I not want to be? What's the next level in life? How much control do I actually have over anything?

Do I have a super power and haven't realized it yet?

What is the correct way to install the toilet paper roll?

Why do people care so much about this?


Working With Kristin

My yoga journey began at the awkward age of 14 and has been a pillar of my life ever since. Between 2012-2014, I spent time at the Mount Madonna Center training in yoga and learning not only a new, refined way of living and working, but also gained a clear sense of how I want to navigate my life moving forward. Throughout the years I spent in Portland, OR and California, I trained and practiced in yoga, Thai Massage, acrobatics, and being a DIYer. I combined those skills and interests with my trailblazing entrepreneurial business sense and developed what is now today

Breathe Body, Mind, Soul and my unique style of Elevated Bodywork.

I offer my clients the most effective bodywork money can buy, yoga classes that are welcoming and introspective, as well as supportive and comprehensive ways to explore personal growth, self care, and fulfillment - Body, Mind, and Soul.

I am looking for people who are committed to not only the benefits of yoga and bodywork but are also intrigued by the challenges and obstacles. I want to meet those who are down for the dirty work because after all -

a spiritual life isn't sought to make life easier, it's to make life more real.

Working with me is a bit like hanging out with your wise and experienced friend that will ensure the experience is intentional, uplifting, thought provoking, and worthwhile. There will be laughs, silence, challenge, insight, and relief.

There will be questions, accountability, discovery, and most importantly - results.

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