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Kristin is senior instructor, owner, and operator of Breathe Yoga, Thai Bodywork & Sauna,

(formerly Breathe Yoga & Wellness Center.)

Kristin teaches by the mantra 'teach to learn' as advised by her Guru, Baba Hari Dass. After several years of studying yoga on her own, and practicing faithfully with several Portland, Oregon teachers, she found the right teacher training that offered a traditional, philosophy rich education in the classical Ashtanga lineage.

Believing in the importance of caring equally for the wellness of body, mind, and spirit, her style offers a blend of the physical with the mental, emotional, and spiritual. She enjoys bringing her sense of humor as well as various themes from her background in psychology, dance, and ethics into class - provoking thoughts that stretch beyond the experience and into life. Most importantly, she centers herself and the students in breath and intention where practice can begin from a place of presence, clarity, and intuition. In her space, you are free to be who you are, where you are.

Background and Training

I am Janesville, Wisconsin born and raised, with a west coast mentality. My 20's were spent exploring Oregon, California, and Hawaii. My yoga journey began as a teenager when I found myself inquiring about lifes big questions.

I began reading books on Eastern philosophy and mystic poetry: the Tao Te Ching, Rumi, the Dhammapada and shortly after developed a physical practice for strength, challenge, and peace.


In 2012 I traveled to California to become Yoga Teacher trained at the Mount Madonna Center. I met my guru, Baba Hari Dass, who gave me the Sanskrit name, Manjula. Spiritual names are intended to remind us of our potential and challenge us to stay on the path that leads us to our truth. Manjula is the name of a Goddess and means 'most beautiful.' 


I also practice Thai Bodywork which can have a profound effect on the body and mind and lends

to my ability to teach therapeutic and highly informed yoga classes. Check the Bodywork page 

under services to learn more about this therapy and how I may be able to help you with self care, 

pain, tension, injury recovery, and other chronic conditions.

Additionally, I am a certified Continuing Education Provider for Massage therapists through NCBTMB.

Be on the lookout for more bodywork and self care workshops.

About Kristin *Manjula*

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