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Massage with Kesa

Kesa is a 10 year Janesville resident, originally from Chicago. As mother of four, Kesa brings a caring, attentive and intuitive approach to massage. She graduated from the Chicago School of Massage Therapy in 2008 and has diverse experience in chiropractic and spa environments. Kesa offers a well rounded and thoughtful massage that helps clients reach relaxation and alleviate pain.  Also a recent graduate of a 200 hour Yoga teacher training, she strives to incorporate yoga Mind body connection and massage to create a personalized experience for her clients.

Having stepped away from her professional massage practice to focus on raising her family, she is excited and motivated to return to the field with a stronger sense of herself and how she wants to be of service.

Kesa has accepted the opportunity to learn Breathe's signature Elevated Massage™ over the course of a six month apprenticeship program. This will take her skills to a new level and allow her to offer the dynamic, effective, and profound style that Kristin developed.

Kristin is honored to work with Kesa given their shared interest in yoga, her strong massage foundation, and her genuine passion for helping people feel and live better.

Beginning soon, you can book massage with her at a special rate while she trains at Breathe.

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