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Studio Opening Letter of Gratitude!

On April 30th, 2016, I made the announcement that I'll be taking over the space where I teach yoga to carry out my own intentions of teaching, practicing bodywork, and gathering community. This letter marks the beginning of a new chapter for me. It is a reminder to myself and others of how I intend to be and grow in this role and to what and whom it can be owed....

Big News, Important Updates!

This has been a difficult message for me to begin because I have found myself at the opposite of ‘a loss for words.’ I have a million thoughts, feelings, and ideas to speak to in the names of gratitude, humility, community, and future goals. I will do my best here to distill them down to what feels most important in this auspicious time of new beginning...

The skinny:

As many of you know, I have taught yoga in Janesville for the last year and a half at Abhyasa Yoga, a beautiful studio downtown. When I returned to my hometown of Janesville from my nine year West coast adventure, I was delighted to find this dedicated space for yoga and felt immediate positivity toward the space, the community and Jacque, the owner. Shortly thereafter, I began offering various classes and workshops which became a very fulfilling source of inspiration, connection, and learning for me. From these opportunities, I grew my massage clientele, developed friendships and professional relationships, and discovered many ideas I have for classes, offerings, and a community centered space.

These experiences grew my passion for yoga and self confidence in teaching, leading me to desire a space of my own where I could manifest each of my creative ideas and host educational and therapeutic events with other wellness professionals. So, I began planning a for business growth and looking at spaces…

Well, I can now say with certainty and relief that I’m very glad I didn’t sign any leases or take out any loans! Last Sunday, Jacque came to me with the news that she was closing the studio while presenting a very generous offer to me. So, in working together, sad news became exciting news. I have decided to operate and teach at the yoga studio where I will continue to offer Thai Massage and my homemade products. As of June 1st, it will be called

Breathe Yoga and Wellness Center Remember it, write it down, talk about it ;)

On a Personal Note:

Those of you who know me on a more personal level may already understand that this is a much bigger blessing than just buying or taking over a business. I have not had the best of fortune in my life in terms of financial resources or family support (which lends a great deal to my initial attraction to yoga in my teen years.) In fact, my recent return to my hometown has left me rather disenchanted with the idea of family loyalty and the willingness to work my tail off without any capital for start up has been a consistent source of frustration for me. Throughout my life, I have instead been blessed with various, sometimes seemingly random angels assigned to carry me through the difficult times. The graces of my angels along with my strength of will and compassion for people as well as our natural environment combine to create what has turned out to be this very fortunate person. I share all of this with you because I want to illustrate that this inheritance is a manifestation not of chance or force, but of generosity, faith, and divinity. So, you can probably guess that the support and graciousness of Jacque and the beloved Abhyasa Yoga community has strummed a glorious melody in my heart strings. All that said, what was already going pretty darn well, just got a whole lot better…

And harder! The past few days have been some of the most exciting, supported, and overwhelming I have experienced in a long time. I do not take this blessing lightly and it is with a grateful heart, an impassioned vision, and an indomitable will that I humbly ask for your support and feedback as this transition occurs. In return, I present to you the following list of what you can expect from me: - My presence. This is my full time gig, my passion, and my artform. I will be very present in the studio both with teaching classes and offering bodywork, as well as behind the scenes hearing your suggestions and conjuring up new ideas for improvements and expansion. - Integrity. Integrity was once defined to me as, ‘Doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.’ My spiritual convictions lie firmly in honesty, selfless service, and the interest of the greater good. This is true no matter what. - Generosity. In honor of all the gifts that have been showered upon me, I want the wisdom, healing, and energetic wealth created by our practicing together to reach as many people as possible. In ways that my resources allow, I intend to provide opportunities for low cost classes to bridge the economic divide and offer premium yoga to the financially less fortunate. - Quality Classes. Yoga is physical fitness, yes, but it is also so much more. Yoga has roots in expansive health science, ethics theory, study of consciousness, and therapeutic application. I will make my best efforts to ensure that classes are always safe, welcoming, accurately described, and that quality continues to rise to new levels through careful teacher selection, continued education, and the interest expressed by you, the ever-essential community.

Looking Ahead:

Throughout the month of May, I will have more specific details regarding the class schedule, rates, summer specials, future plans, and how you can help make a place we already love even better. You can take comfort in knowing that both Jacque and Carmen are continuing to teach weekly classes and more. To my present and future Thai Massage clients - it is an irreplaceable source of fulfillment to offer therapeutic one-to-one sessions and I will most certainly be keeping these offerings on the menu.

In no particular order, I also want to offer:

A big thank you to the community for your embodiment of what it means to truly Rejoice with all your messages of celebration and congratulations. I mean, wow. <3

A special extension of gratitude to Carmen for your sense of humor, intense openness, passion, integrity, and wonderful classes. I’m oh so glad our collaborative relationship will be broadening and that the community will continue to benefit from your ever-expanding knowledge and irreplaceable personality.

An extra giant sized thank you, thank you, thank you, to Jacque for your generosity of time, resources, and spirit. For your hard work, continued support, and for building from the ground up the sanctuary that so many people have found brings them peace, inspiration, and oh so much room to grow. Namo, Namo.

And lastly, a very special, one of a kind, freshly realized blooming branch of appreciation and admiration for my Beloved partner and teacher in love, life, and service, Travis. Thank you for the space to focus on and obsess over the details of this new project. Thank you for all the listening, processing, feedback, validating, grounding, checking, and balancing. Thank you for lifting the heavy stuff, picking up the slack, easing my mind, and always saying yes. There’s something about you and me together...You’re my hero.

Please stay tuned for all the latest updates on our new

‘Breathe Yoga and Wellness Center’

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“Work Honestly, Meditate Everyday, Meet People Without Fear, and Play.” ~Baba Hari Dass

In Selfless Service,

Kristin *Manjula* Hilt

Breathe Yoga and Wellness Center 119 W. Milwaukee St. Suite 200 Janesville, WI 53548


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